AHP and Empire Publishing Distribution deal!

When brands collaborate, they create magic. Ames High Productions just signed a huge distribution deal with Empire Publishing and Universal. As huge stakeholders in the music industry, this is a major partnership. The distribution deal consists of Placement of artist music in over 250+ Retail / Streaming Sites Worldwide (Including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, and others.) The ability to monetize videos with YouTube, YouTube Premium, and Tidal. Spotify page ‘Blue Check’ certified and customized. Unlimited releases for 3 years (Albums, Singles, Videos, EP’s etc…) Royalty collection and payment, the artist keeps 70% of sales/streams from both the U.S. and Worldwide. With only a $50 Payment Threshold and all Promotional services included this is a remarkable deal. Another key element is the effective artist support and advisory plans to ensure only the best for each artist.

Big Changes on the way…

When asked about the big changes taking place since the merging the team at Ames High Productions shared some interesting updates on the future of AHP as well as what this huge pact really means. When asked what did it mean to AHP to have signed this deal it production Manager T Heart said “It means we’re giving back freedom to the artist. Pushing their Music and giving them the opportunity to be on a Major platform so we can expand the opportunities that they deserve. I tell the artist it’s like business college for struggling artist; we’re the pipeline for their future Success.”

T heart talked more about the collaboration deal proposal that was brought on by Universal and Empire Publishing and distribution “This is for our hard-working artist. We are diligently trying to get their artistry and business on a bigger platform for more reach on a public level / Mainstream. The deal went live January 1st, 2019 and the response has been great. growing as we speak, although we’re in the process of re-branding We’re still taking applications and inquiry to help our artist while in this transformation.”

What’s on the horizon?ames logo 1

Some of the artists that have signed on to work under this new distribution deal include Gucci Mane, Future, Keith Murry, Alphonso Settles, Jes B, Np Hozman, Kevin Tucker, Biggs and AMP’s Hip hop Ambassador the Chicago legend “Da Smart” The Black Terror.

AHP is stronger and better than ever and has several different projects coming out. A release of two major tracks by “Jes B” “Gucci Mane” and “Future” also upcoming music with artist “Aye Nyce” and “Keith Murray”. Plus the AHP Empire tour is coming soon. Ames High Productions is on the rise so stay tuned!

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