Rap Chronicles: Harkos PTSD

Imagine being in the Army stationed overseas in Iraq for 15 months. The sight, the smell, the experience would be like something out of a movie. Only thing is some people actually live like this. Kris “Harkos” Harlos lived that life. In May of 2005 he joined the Army and his life changed forever. He used music to document the journey and to help heal the pain.

After listening to one of his singles I could tell the Hip Hop Artist Harkos was different. He wasn’t about showcasing all the glitz and glam or to talk about sex, the music was about real life…his life. Mornin’ Sun is so transparent it’s almost like we are reading pages into his diary. I couldn’t wait to interview him and ask a few personal questions along with a few general ones. Harkos was humble, well spoken, and calm. The interview flowed naturally and his responses came off very genuine.

From the Mind of Harkos!

harkos mornin sun.jpg


When asked to introduce himself and his music genre he chuckled a little. “I am Harkos a Hip Hop artist. I also host a Podcast called HipHop Hour. I am pretty diverse I can emulate to any style of hip hop. Been a listener to hip hop all my life. If I can’t relate to it I can’t do it, but other than that I can do it all. Trap music isn’t really my thing, but I can relate to grinding. My project titled PTSD, highlights a different aspect of PTSD. Because this gives the listener an inside view of someone’s mind with PTSD. If you been through things you will be able to relate. It’s not preachy but more emotional. I am talking about feeling trapped. Some tracks have anger behind them. Whatever emotion comes to me that’s where it goes. I stick with what I know. I do go deep on “morning son” about drinking and smoking which is my old lifestyle. Some can see it as a stunting moment and others a teaching lesson; but it showcases how I switch my style up. ”

The beginning…

When asked about when he started really doing music he explained how he began. “Back in high school I would write. 2005 technology was different and not readily available. But in the Military I was around people with equipment. I have always been a fan of music and musically inclined. Since a young age I loved performing even though I’m an introvert. I even performed for the church when growing up. It took me 10 years after the Army to get back to a group of people that could make music.”

harkos alone (1).jpg

Album titles are important and the mission behind the album as well. Harkos explained the meaning. “PTSD was therapeutic for me this was an idea from back in 2008. I have had people tell me to try music even my psychiatrists suggested making music. I use music and writing to get out frustrations. I am hoping my music is relatable and that those that can’t relate they just enjoy my music as a good piece of hip hop and a dope track. And that I stayed true to Hip hop and not Pop.”

Several projects in the working…

We wanted all the info on his popular Podcast The HipHop Hour. So Harkos shared more about the online Radio Show. “The premise behind The HipHop Hour is sharing and spotlighting quality Hip Hop music. There’s a need for a good place to have real music broadcasted. I created my own show to get it out to the world. Since starting it I have made a lot of connections which lead to expanding the show. I met the CEO of Ames High Productions through the show and she became one of the show’s sponsors and a few of her artists were featured. Since expanding and reformatting each show has 13 artists featured. It’s an one hour long hip hop show with some of my commentary. I use my artistic ability to showcase other’s art. Another project of mine is the Fight4Freedom Productions. I enjoy freedom and there is a lot happening right now that’s messing with people’s freedom and trying to take it away. I also share that I take CBD oil. I share the medical benefits of taking it because there is a huge misunderstanding about it. I also talk about me keeping my Glock with me at all times. And I encourage others to stay protected. Have a taser or knife something to protect yourself and loved ones.”

I think one of the most profound things Harkos said during our interview was “Music is life. it’s the expression of life rather you are happy, sad or depressed music can help you reflect that emotion or that feeling. It can also make you  feel better. Music is healing. You can use music for any occasion and any time.” I couldn’t agree more. Definitely check out Harkos and all he has to offer.

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