5 Hip Hop artists that are sharing the bag!



Everyone wants to brag about their diamonds and their cars, but what about the good they are doing in their communities? If you listen to most of the lyrics in today’s music the bigger the cash roll the better their life is. Well as must of us know more than half of these rappers flaunting all the jewelry and  designer stuff came from the inner city aka the hood. Collectively we want everyone to make it out of the ghetto, but what about coming back and giving to the community that supports you? The community that raised you? There are some artists out there doing that and so much more. In the spirit of this Holiday season we wanted to showcase so of the biggest Hip Hop givers out.

Who’s the biggest giver?

Chance the Rapper

  • 1. Chance the Rapper– Chicago’s very own! Chance constantly shows up to the giving party with gifts. He donated over a million dollars to the Chicago Public School System, hosts a drive to help the Homeless in Chicago, plus runs a non for profit organization called Social Works that dope things around the year.
  • 2. The Game- This L.A. Rapper started a foundation called The Robinhood Project. In his words ” One man. One million dollars. One goal. Giving $1,000,000 of my own money to people around the world just because I feel like it.” The Instagram page for the project shows how the money is being given away as well as other inspiring stories.
  • 3. J. Cole- Not only does this MC drops heat he also drops opportunities to talented kids that just needs a shot. His organization The Dreamville Foundation is all about giving out hope where it once may have been lost.
  • 4. Ludacris- ATL has lots of rappers but few of them giving back to the kids. The Rapper started The Ludacris foundation to inspire and empower children that are living in the inner cities.
  •  5. Big Sean- This rapper has big in his name for a reason. Big Sean has a foundation called The Sean Anderson Foundation which has a mission to assist in the education, health, safety and well-being of primary through college aged youth in underserved communities across the country.


Stunt on your haters not your neighbors!

Being a celebrity has it’s perks as well as it’s responsibilities. You have a voice and a influence for a reason and I am pretty sure it’s not to show off your jewelry, but to encourage and uplift those that relate to you, those that came from where you once called home. Hats off to those in the music industry that continue to remember where they are from and gives back. The city is watching and so our the kids.

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