What’s coming up for Ames High Productions?

Ames High Productions is currently working on some major moves and we want to keep you in the loop of things. Make sure you are a part of our Facebook community as well as follow your favorite Ames High Productions artist on social media so you won’t miss giveaways and the latest news. 2019 is going to be major! There is currently a tour in the works, several local shows, and a big announcement that will be made shortly. So stay tuned!

ames high logo

 Local upcoming events…

Chicagoland and Indiana area fans have a treat in store for them Terror Records is hosting an Talent Competition Friday November 9th. It will hosted by DA General Rap Legend D.A. Smart himself! The prizes are dope and the experience is going to be priceless plus the vibes will be unmatched. If you are in the area come out and support you won’t regret it.

ames 101

Not only are there events on the rise, but there is new ways to listen to D.A. Smart and ways to get behind the scenes info on him as well:

D.A. Smart Pandora station

D.A. Smart Bio

Grab some of D.A.’s Classic Music Here 

Watch all of Terror Records Inc Music Videos Here

Entire Music collection of D.A. Smart on Amazon

D.A. Smart on Instagram

D.A. Smart on Reverbnation

SoundCloud stream of D.A. Smart

Listen to D.A. Smart on Spotify

D.A. Smart Iheartradio station

Feel free to share this with fellow music lovers because we know music is an international language.

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