Deep Inside: I am just plain ole’ Antonette

Women CEO’s are now being called Girl Bosses. A Girl Boss is a woman or girl who has big dreams and is willing to work hard for them by any means necessary. Women are stepping up and leaving out their dreams. Small businesses are booming and the idea of entrepreneurship isn’t as far fetched as it used to be. Ames Productions is owned by a Girl Boss, Antonette Ames. With what started as a dream is now a full-service Musical Marketing Production Company. However, once your company grows and others see your success drama can unfold.

ames ceo 2

Leeches can smell money and success from a mile away and Antonette learned about this early on. From social media inboxes asking for money to phone calls full of sob stories Ms. Ames has heard it all. When asked about the idea od trust and the music industry she laughed and said “Trust has gone out of the window. Users come from all walks of life.” Coming from humble beginnings causes one to have the tendency to give and extend a helping hand to those that are struggling because of the connection to the need. But there is a huge difference from someone that needs help and someone that is a user.

A 20-year-old friendship of hers that has had its ups and downs was recently torn apart due to someone taking advantage of Ames’ kindness. Traveling from Colorado to Chicago and then NYC for a sightseeing trip filled with adventure, old friends, and good food. Ames and her old-time friend headed out as a dynamic duo but returned home completely separated. After arriving the nickeling and diming started. The rental car was paid for by Ames, the hotel room was booked in her name, and most of the meals ended up coming out of her pocket. In the midst of having a good time the CEO began to realize that she was fronting most of the bill. On their last night in Chicago the duo was invited to an intimate setting for a private celebration. The vibes were good and everyone was enjoying themselves until the young lady attending with Ames requested to leave saying she wasn’t really feeling the environment and wanted to go elsewhere. She began to privately record conversations some of the party goer’s conversations without their permission while talking down on the host of the gathering and the guests.

After making it back home from the drama filled trip Antonette sat to reflect on how things played out. She felt the moral of that situation was to trust her first mind because she had ended that certain friendship before years before, but was willing to rekindle it. The feud ended up being blasted on Social Media and Ames was painted as the bad guy. Reportedly “Left the young lady stranded in a foreign Chicago airport.” The truth of the matter is she left Ames their last night of Chicago to hang with a man. Not only did she leave to hang with a guy, but she also took the rental car and left Antonette carless after midnight. That was the last straw for the CEO and she made the decision to take the last leg of the trip solo. Ames recalls the evening “She began to act so bougie and look down on my friends and I don’t condone that behavior.”

Dealing with users isn’t the only drama being a Girl Boss comes with. The Music industry is a male dominated field and comes with its own load of drama. Ames explained her take on securing her role as a female CEO. “I’ve work with males in many different aspects. Once they get to know me and my worth they back down. There aren’t many women I’ve come across in this field that haven’t found their place in this industry yet. Working with men has its challenges because these men are very flirty and have a lack of respect for women in leadership roles.”

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There are pros and cons of being a female CEO and Ms. Ames broke it down: “I’ve been in management for many years. I have had the honor of being Chairman of the board as an outstanding member of my church congregation of 1500. I have a zero-tolerance approach. Most people believe that women are better at communicating, empathy and emotional, but aren’t very intelligent. However, we are the key pillars of conscious capitalism. People tend to think I lack all, but the intelligence and the communicational part to business. I do believe in teamwork, initiative, we also have to do better with interpersonal relations and loyalty.”

With the good comes the bad. Ames say “The cons of being a female CEO, you have to prove to everyone you are the best bet for the job. You have to be careful with who you sleep with and call friend. I have to constantly make men look me in the eye and not at my breast. Men don’t look at you as an equal and most of them look at how to conquer or get what you have It’s not just the men, it’s hard to work with women because it is hard to work together. The crab in the barrel mentality is real “.

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Being a Girl Boss isn’t new to Ms. Ames she had two successful nursing agencies in the past as well as organized staged plays and musical concerts. She’s always wanted to be a business owner. She worked hard and went to college to earn a degree. Through repossessions, eviction, divorce, school, different jobs, and male bosses she had to fight to prove that she was good enough and that she can get the job done. One tip Antonette leaves to those inspiring to be a Girl boss is “you have 5 minutes to have a pity party and after that you have to boss up and get back on track.” As women we have to encourage and motivate each with our stories. We don’t go through our struggles for ourselves, but to help others. Antonette Ames is a Girl Boss and she is building an empire so others can learn from her hustle.

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