Getting to the core of the female rap game: The Qor

The rap game is challenging. The industry is huge and there are so many producers, artists, record labels, and mangers to choose from. Some just care about the lyrics while some care about the beat. There are artists that are in it for the money and the fame while some are in it to reach those that are lost. The rat race to get to number 1 has been going on for ages and the stars come and go. But the real question is who is next?

The qor 2

Born and raised in Chicago and then later relocated to Denver, Colorado Kerisha Crowder was a witness to the joys and losses of life. She was born in a strict household where she was encouraged to dream big, but work hard. With both of her parents being in the music industry she was exposed to music at an early age. Music runs in her DNA. Her mother has put together several sold out concerts and events and her father had extensive music equipment and a lifelong passion for music. Plus, she has a great-uncle that has ties to the great Natalie Cole. The Qor was destined for greatness. At the age of 9 Kerisha broke down a karaoke machine that she spilled some juice on and put it back together effortlessly before her mom even noticed. By the time she was 13 years old she was writing her own creative pieces and at the age of 19 she began rapping and making beats using the music program Sonar.

The qor 1

As a woman rapper its twice as hard. You have to sell records without selling your soul. Of course, the industry is filled with sex and grandeur. Breaking into the rap game is more than just having talent. “It takes grit, hard work, and money,” CEO of Ames Production explains. “I had to study her craft and speak with DJ’s and help her with getting noticed.” After a few shows and some hits, The Qor finally got her break. She toured with and rocked the mic all across the US. She was blessed with many gifts: sound engineering, video editor, photography, song writing and spitting hot 16s are just some of the skills she can boast on. She considers herself a trendsetter and has worked with several heavy hitters in the music industry. Antonette Ames of Ames Productions remembers The Qor’s humble beginnings “I recall her working out of the closet in her apartment and her photos in front of her shower curtains. I see the growth.”

6 city tour

The debut album she created titled “I Gotta Have It” has been released. It’s available for download and online streaming from all major streaming services like Soundcloud, Google Play, Spotify, and iTunes. She’s currently getting prepared to head back on tour with Ames Productions for their 6-city tour. With more projects in the works you can bet your last dollar that The Qor will be a household name very soon. With her great lyrics, attention to details, and down to earth personality it’s her time to shine!

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