“AHP” “I truly believe that PR should not be a luxury that only artist with “Big budget”. Everyone should benefit from, services that should be accessible to every artist and company, regardless.”

Ames High Production Management Firm

is a full service Management and PR firm founded by PR professional, Antonette Ames. AHP regularly places clients in top national and international print, broadcast and online media outlets. Servicing companies in the beauty, fashion, lifestyle, health, food, natural and organic arenas, LJB PR is proud to execute successful public relations radio campaigns and more that surpass clients’ expectations.

You can get the kind of attention you need to make a career in music with the right songs and the right promotional approach.



You can contact Ms. Ames @ Ames High Production For press releases, mass emails, blogs, for all artist video promotion, campaigns and more….
For your basic promotions
$25 gets 5 days $100 gets 30 days/ month of daily promotions on my IG twitter & FB…With a team of 12 AHP


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