The Woman, The Myth, The Legend: The birth of Ames Productions

The music industry is jammed back with talent, history, passion and most importantly dreams. The essence of music begins will story telling. That story may be a love story or about a sad childhood, but it’s a story and it belongs to someone. Ames Productions started with a dream and a prayer. CEO Antonette Ames is a hard-working entrepreneur with a background of music. Ames’ family grew up in the music industry and her uncle even worked with the late and great Natalie Cole and was even nominated for a Stellar award. With music in her bloodline she created her own corner of the music world with her company Ames Productions.

Ames Image
Ames Productions is a boutique Independent Music Management firm. Ames Productions work to bring attention to Indie artist. They assist with radio play, booking shows, confirming press appearances and interviews. What makes Ames Productions different from other management companies is the attention to detail that Ames takes pride in. Even though her family has a Christian background she explained in a casual interview that ‘it doesn’t make a difference if it’s Christian music or secular it’s a dog eat dog world.” She noted that she notices “so many artists are out here doing things just for attention.” With a giggle said “anyone can get the spotlight, but my goal is to get my artists out there.”

Ms. Ames 3
Independent music artists have a rough road when it comes to get “discovered” so having a management and marketing team is imperative. That’s the team that will help get the artist exposure. Ms. Ames detailed her strict and organized game plan for her rooster of clients and it really highlighted her strong work ethic and determination. She did have some advice for inspiring artists “it’s about having a budget and investing in your dream. You can’t have that basement recording mentality to be taken serious.” When asked if she hands picks her clients she stated “we don’t just take anyone. We have turned down business due to lake of talent and seriousness.”

Being a Chicago native, but now a resident of Denver Antonette understands the two-sided coin of life and how it changes when your environment changes. Ames recalled her old stomping grounds of the South Side of Chicago and gives it props for giving her the attitude to “hustle and grind”. In the same frame she praised her move to Denver because that helped shape her life for the better. As a mother she wanted to give her children a safe upbringing but still keep that strict upbringing she had. She beliefs it builds work ethic.

Ms. Ames 2
The music industry isn’t easy to get into and it’s definitely hard to stay in, but with over a decade in the industry I can’t see Ames Productions going anywhere, but up from here. Her dedication to her clients and love of music is evident in her conversations. When asked what next Ms. Ames announced Ames High Productions Tour. This Six City tour will spotlight Ames Productions Artists and hit cities like Chicago, Miami, and NYC. With a brand built off of integrity Antonette confidently stated “I started this to help artists get exposed and I won’t stop until I do.”


Interviewed by: Keyonda Pyles

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