Where My Mobs At?


DA Smart AKA The Black Terror” one of Chicago’s trendsetters in the gangsta rap & Hip Hop industry. DA was raised for about 14 years in the Robert Taylor homes, also known as “Vulture City”. Growing up during these times in this type of neighborhood, he learned very quickly how to survive on the street life by using his gift of music, rap & controversial storytelling which ultimately earned him widespread popularity & the Title Legendary he is one of the only trendsetters in the ‘gangsta rap’ & hip-hop industry.

Now that D.A. has passed the amateur stage of rap, he’s been blasting full speed ahead as a professional rap artist who has become renowned and esteemed throughout Chicagoland and the rap industry nationwide. While he is best known for his ability to wreck mics on a freestyle, D.A. researched his culture and heritage. As a black man in America, he cultivated his lyrics into fine works of art that educate and uplift black youth. He is an articulate, well versed lyrical genius. D.A. SMART is not only a rapper and a motivational speaker but an influential teacher who delivers a positive message to our youth.  Recording many tracks related to what he has has experienced during his life while growing up; one track entitled “Walk Wit Me” in which he teamed with ‘The Legendary Traxster’ reputed him as one of gangsta rap’s leading figures in the ‘rap game’ for that time period & designated him as a trendsetter who’s style was soon attempted by other rappers.
DA Smart is adhering to social responsibility, here in his hometown by being a role model to the Chicago’s youth in poorest neighborhoods of the city of Chicago. Promoting the organization: B.O.I. an acronym for: ‘Boys of Islam’, he assisting in steering these young boys away from the gangs, drugs, violence that a street life is made up of – & instilling strength, wisdom & pride

Purchase here: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/dasmart15

Follow DA https://twitter.com/DASmart12



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