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H.M.H. which stands for Head Muthafuckin Huncho: was born Kerisha Crowder in Chicago Il. and lived in the Wild Wild 100s. Then later relocated to Denver Colorado with her parents where she was raised. She began writing at the age of 13 then at 19 taught herself how to rap and make beats using fruity loops then started using vocal recording program sonar. She discovered her own talents and the love for music where she spent countless hours listening with her father.  She became more serious and wanted to go further with knowledge and career as a solo artist and began doing shows with afton.com and that stretched from Co. to G.A. To her accreditation she is a sound engineer, and video editor, self-proclaimed leader, entrepreneur, achiever, professor of business, professional business woman a real go-getter, and trendsetter. She is also independent, successful, intelligent, beautiful fly, outgoing full of life, and laid back. H.M.Huncho says “20/20 vision and all of my bodily functions work”. Head Muthafuckin Huncho is known for her originality and as the frontwoman for a Hip-Hop group. She was discovered by Antonette Ames C.E.O. of Ames High Production where she is now Vice President and C.E.O. of Bragg Entertainment. She has released her first album, entitled “I GOTTA HAVE IT”. She is set to release two more top-selling albums before and in the making for worldwide tour in the summer of 2013.

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